Adorama Variable Grade, Black and White Fiber Base Photo Enlarging Paper, 5×7″, 25 Sheets, Glossy Surface

Adorama VGFB Gloss - Can be developed in all standard print paper developers including Adorama, Photographers' Formulary, Ilford, Kodak, Sprint & Zonal Pro. Registered ISO 9001. For ilford multigrade filters, grades 00 to 3 have the same speed ISO P 250 and grades 4 and 5 require approximately twice the exposure. For the filter settings, grades 0 to 4 have the same speed ISO P 320

A neutral image tone and a clean white base combine to give a high quality paper equally suitable for dish processing. Unused paper should be returned to its original packaging for storage. Suitable for use with variable contrast Filters from ILFORD or KODAK or for exposure with Chromogenic filters in color enlargers.

Superb full grade range performance, supports grade 0 to grade 5 contrast. The safelights should be at least one metre from the paper at all times and good working practice of keeping exposure to safelight at a minimum should be adopted. Exposure of the paper is straight forward, depending on which filter system is in use.

Adorama Variable Grade, Black and White Fiber Base Photo Enlarging Paper, 5x7", 25 Sheets, Glossy Surface - Other light sources may give different contrast values. The use of color filters permits selection of required contrast from a range of grades similar to that of graded papers, with the advantage to the user of reduced paper stock. Technical Information Sheet. Open only in a darkroom illuminated by safelights Ilford 904 or Kodak OC containing 15W bulbs or equivalent; red safelights may also be used.

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Black and White Enlarging Paper, 8x10 Inches, 25 Sheets, Glossy Surface 116 8190 - Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Resin Coated VC Variable Contrast

Ilford 116 8190 - Multigrade iv rc deluxe is part of the ilford multigrade system and is fully compatible with all existing MULTIGRADE filters and equipment. The image colour remains cool to neutral whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent light. Rich blacks. Resin Coated. Multigrade iv rc deluxe has the standard weight 190g/m2 resin coated base.

Multigrade iv rc deluxe glossy is a premium quality paper with a bright base tint. Non-developer incorporated. Sparkling whites. Wide tonal range.

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Kodak Tri-X 400TX Professional ISO 400, 36mm, Black and White Film

Kodak 866 7073 - Sparkling whites. Delivers fine grain, high sharpness, wide exposure latitude, and high resolving power. Excellent choice for dimly-lit or fast-action subjects. Rich blacks. Perfect for shots requiring a good depth of field, fast shutter speeds, or extending the distance range for flash pictures. Kodak tri-x is an all-purpose panchromatic film for subjects requiring good depth of field and high shutter speeds, and for extending the flash distance range.

Resin Coated. Non-developer incorporated. Single roll of tri-x 400 professional black-and-white, 35mm film. Fine grain, high sharpness. Medium contrast, moderate degree of enlargement. Wide tonal range.

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